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Q2 payments and spending outlook report

Providing hospitality industry insights to accommodation and food service business professionals.

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In this comprehensive report, we’ll walk you through some key analytics and insights pertaining to the hospitality industry, including accommodation and food services.

We hope this report will help keep you up to speed with the latest trends that are mostly impacting our industry’s evolving landscape.

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  • In Ontario, hotels and motels represent 22.6% of the total establishments in Canada's hospitality industry

    Out of the 10,910 establishments in Canada's hospitality industry, Ontario leads in the hotels and motel segment. The number of industry establishments is predicted to increase by 3.5% until 2027, with an expected annualized employment growth of 5.8% and a 6% rise in industry wages.

  • Up to 100% post-pandemic increase in consumer spending online.

    We’re continuing to see remarkable growth in mobile and ecommerce transactions across sectors within the hospitality industry, catering to the demand for convenient, contactless services.

  • Sault Ste. Marie grew by 93% in year-over-year sales within the industry.

    Larger cities within Ontario, and those closer to the border, were among the areas that recovered the fastest in sales growth, likely due to an uptick in tourist spending during the first and second quarter of 2023.