Global commerce depends on
Global Payments

Global Payments is a technology and software company, providing commerce solutions to businesses of every size.

This unique, connected infrastructure serves every dimension of commerce, carrying billions of transactions every year—safely and seamlessly.

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Talk to the experts

Alongside our market-leading technology, we have 27,000 people around the world, delivering the expert advice you need to make the most of our solutions.

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We’re with you

Whatever your size, sector or ambitions—we deliver for you. We work with customers in over 100 countries, and have local experts on the ground in over 40.

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Our forever goal

The world of commerce moves at breathless speed. We’ll keep you ahead of that change, delivering the advanced technology and specialist insight you need to accelerate your growth.

Empowering commerce for all

We're dedicated

to people and performance. We hire people with the passion to make a difference, and we give them the tools and support to do it.

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We drive ourselves

to deliver our best—for each other, our customers and our partners. We value innovation, excellence and the agility to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Global Payments team members serving in the community.

We're a worldwide team

of 27,000 payment experts and innovators, including around 80 nationalities and 16 native languages.

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Our diversity

gives us depth. It helps us deliver local, regional and multinational solutions for customers in over 100 countries. We cherish, support and celebrate this diversity.

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Delivering for you

A unique family of brands.
Working together for you for all

Our branded products span a range of industries —creating a breadth of solutions and services.

A global powerhouse

We're here to empower simple, fast, secure payments for everyone. And to do that, we've built a complete, worldwide commerce ecosystem.

  • $8.6b net revenue
  • 27k team members
  • 66b transactions annually
  • 4.6m merchant locations
  • 1,500 financial institutions

Talk to the experts

We partner with a number of the world's leading brands—across finance, retail and beyond. Would you like to become one of them? Let us know and see what we can do for you.

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Czech Republic

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